Vladimir Ivanovich Narbut

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Vladimir Narbut

Vladimir Narbut ( Russian Владимир Иванович Нарбут ; Ukrainian Володимир Іванович Нарбут / Volodymyr Narbut ; * April 2 . Jul / 14. April  1888 greg. In Narbutiwka , Chernigov Governorate , Russian Empire ; † 14. April 1938 at the Kolyma , Siberia , Soviet Union ) was a Russian poet of Ukrainian origin.

Vladimir was a brother of the well-known graphic artist Heorhij Narbut . He belonged to the literary trend of acmeism .

During the Russian Civil War , Vladimir Narbut worked as a military correspondent in Ukraine, as did Korneli Lyuzianowitsch Selinsky . Then Narbut was the editor of the literary magazine Nowy Mir

In April 1938 Narbut fell victim to the Stalinist purges .

When Narbut was rehabilitated in 1959, Selinski's memoirs appeared with a tribute to Narbut.

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