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Nowy Mir (Новый мир, Eng. "New World") is a Russian, monthly literary magazine . It has been published in Moscow since January 1925 . The model was the popular pre-Soviet literary magazine Mir Bozhy ("God's World"), which appeared from 1892 to 1906, and its successor, Sovremenny Mir ("Today's World"), which appeared between 1906 and 1917. She has mainly published prose in line with the Communist Party line.

In the early 1960s, Nowy Mir changed her political stance and turned to dissidents. In 1962 the circulation was around 150,000 copies per month. In February 1970 editor-in-chief Alexander Twardowski was forced to resign. In 1986, at the beginning of the perestroika phase, Nowy Mir under Sergey Zalygin criticized the Soviet regime with increasing severity. She has also published works by previously frowned upon authors such as George Orwell , Joseph Brodsky and Vladimir Nabokov .


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