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The Austria Rally was a radio quiz show by the ORF regional broadcasters.


In each quiz round, which lasted one year, each state submitted one location as a candidate. In a live broadcast, the moderators from the eight other ORF regional studios asked two questions live at each candidate location. In later years these questions came from the same field of knowledge within a quiz round and for each federal state. The “advice team” made up of three people in the hall and headed by the “hall spokesman” was responsible for answering the questions. The audience present in the hall should not take part in answering. For each correctly answered question, 2 points, and later, after a rule change, 3 points were awarded if the answer was given within the first 15 seconds (the “sprint point”).

There were 10 points for the “population task” that the “away team” had to accomplish.

If a question was not answered, 2 points were deducted - so negative points were also possible.

The federal state studios were “approached” starting from the candidate's location in a clockwise direction, except for the federal state that asked the “hazard question” (freely selectable 0-10 points); this came last. After the candidate location had chosen the number of points for the hazard question, the federal state was determined at random.

In a so-called "bunker" sat the juror, in his early years the ORF presenter and jazz expert Herwig Wurzer .

The prize money was 100,000 schillings for first, 50,000 for second and 25,000 for third place.


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