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Abijah , son Rehoboam and Maacah / Micaiah was v 913-910. King of Judah .


The Hebrew personal name "Abija" has been handed down in two different spellings: אֲבִיָּהוּ 'ǎvîjāhû andאֲבִיָּה 'ǎvîjāh . It is a nominal sentence name, consisting of subject and predicate. Subject (and at the same time theophoric element) is a form of " YHWH " (יָהוּ jāhû orיָה jāh ), predicate is the nounאָב 'āv , German ' father ' . The name can be translated as "YHWH is father". The form of the name in the 1st Book of Kings is differentאֲבִיָּם 'ǎvîjām ( 1 Kings 14.31  EU ). This name is interpreted differently, either as a spelling mistake to the previous name, or as a short form with enclitic -m ("(God) is for truly father") or as a nominal sentence name withיָם jām , German “sea” as subject (and theophoric element) (“Jam is father”). The Septuagint gives the name as Αβιου Abiu or Αβια Abia , the Vulgate as Abia or Abiam .

Biblical narration

1 Kings 15 : 1-8  EU reports on Abijah . His term of office is estimated at three years. His father is Rehoboam , King of Judah, his mother's name is Maacha. Abijah is rated negatively, like his father Rehoboam he worshiped other gods in addition to YHWH . During his reign there was war between Israel and Judah. 2 Chr 1–20  EU describes a fight Abijah against the army of King Jeroboam I of Israel. Abijah tried to expand the northern border of Judah to Israel, since after the division of the empire Jerusalem, the capital of Judah, was dangerously close to the border with Israel and could easily have been conquered from there. Abijah defeated Jeroboam's army.

Abijah had a harem of 14 women, with whom he fathered 22 sons and 16 daughters ( 2 Chr 13.21  EU ). After his death, his son Asa ruled as King of Judah for 40 years.

Abijah has no extra-biblical evidence.


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Individual evidence

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predecessor Office successor
Rehaboam King of Judah
913–910 BC Chr.