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Jotam was king of Judah . His reign is dated to 742–735 BC. BC (Albright) or 740-732 BC Dated.


The Hebrew name יוֹתָם jôtām is a sentence name, the subject of which is YHWH (יוֹ ) and its predicate to the rootתמם tmm , German 'completed / finished / perfect to be' heard. The name therefore means "YHWH is perfect".

Biblical narration

Jotam was the son of king Azariah (Uzziah) and Jerusha, daughter of Zadok . According to the Old Testament report, since Azariah was punished with leprosy for a temple crime, Jotam was installed as regent, who succeeded Azariah as king after his death. 2 Kings 15,32-38  EU and 2 Chr 27  EU report on his government. Then Jotam erected the upper gate at the temple in Jerusalem and ordered work on the wall of Ophel . There are also reports of battles with the Aramaeans under Rezin and with Israel under Pekach . He also defeated the Amorites , who thereupon had to deliver a tribute of 100 hundredweight silver and 100,000 bushels of wheat and barley to Judah. Ahaz became Jotam's successor .

Iotam was a contemporary of the prophets Isaiah , Hosea and Micah .


Individual evidence

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predecessor Office successor
Azariah King of Judah
742–735 BC Chr.