2. Book of Chronicles

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חמש מגילות- Megillot (fixed rollers)
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The second book of Chronicles , in Hebrew דִּבְרֵי הַיָּמִים Diwrei hajjamim ("Events of the Days", 1 and 2 Chr.), Is a book from the Tanakh and is the direct continuation of the 1st book of the Chronicle , which was probably only separated from the first because of the unwieldiness of scrolls that were too long. It has been divided into 36 chapters since the Middle Ages . In the Eastern Churches it is called the 2nd Book of Omissions .

The plot of the book is largely parallel to the 1st and 2nd Book of Kings , but the action is viewed from a different angle. Above all, more emphasis is placed on cult and Israelite society, but less on political processes. In contrast to the royal books, the chronicle after the division of the empire is limited to the events in the southern kingdom of Judah and ignores the northern kingdom of Israel . The view of royalty is generally more positive in the chronicle than in the very critical books of kings.

The structure of the book consists mainly of the following topics:

  • Construction and consecration of the temple chap. 1-7
  • Solomon's glory and the end of chap. 8-9
  • The division in Israel and Judah chap. 10
  • History of the Kings of Judah chap. 10-28
  • The reforms of Hezekiah and Josiah chap. 29-35
  • The end of the kingdom of Judah chap. 36

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