Jehoahaz (Judah)

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Joahaz (* around 631; † after 609 BC) was King of Judah as the son and successor of King Joschiah .


The Hebrew name Jehoahaz is mainly used in MT יְהֹואָחָז jəhô'āḥāz written (with the variantיֹואָחָז jô'āḥāz in 2 Chr 36.2  EU and 4 EU ). In both cases it is a question of sentence names, the meaning of which is the same apart from the different theophoric element. The subject (יְהֹו jəhô orיֹו ) is YHWH , the predicate belongs to the rootאחז ḥz “grasp / hold on”. The name therefore means "YHWH has grasped / holds fast".

Biblical report

In 609 BC He joined the government at the age of 23. He only held office for three months, however, since he was then deposed by the Egyptian Pharaoh Necho II and initially imprisoned in Ribla. He was later deported to Egypt , where he died. The Egyptian pharaoh imposed a fine on the kingdom of Judah (100 quintals of silver and 1 quintals of gold). As the successor Necho certain the older brother of Jehoahaz, Eliakim, whose name he after 2 Kings 23:34  EU in Jehoiakim had to change.

Jehoahaz is mentioned biblically in 2 Kings 23,31–32  EU , 2 Chr 36,1–4  EU and Jer 22,11  EU (there he is called Schallum).


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