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Ach-Laut ( listen ? / I ) is the name for the voiceless velar or uvular fricative , like the German ch after the back vowels a, o, u. By the International Phonetic Alphabet it is [⁠ x ⁠] (velar) or [⁠ χ ⁠] shown (uvular). Audio file / audio sample

In addition to German, where it is pronounced velar or uvular, the Ach sound occurs in the following Indo-European languages : Greek , Dutch , Polish , Russian , Spanish , Slovak , Czech and Persian .

In German, the Ach sound is allophone to the I sound . That means: Both sounds complement each other; the choice between the two sounds depends on which vowel precedes it. It is different in Greek and Russian: There the pronunciation depends on the sound that follows.

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