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Adobe PageMaker is a desktop publishing program from Adobe Inc. whose development was discontinued in 2002 with version 7.0.


The original manufacturer, Aldus Corporation , launched PageMaker in 1985 for the Apple Macintosh . The program made it possible for the first time, together with Apple's LaserWriter , the first PostScript laser printer, to create professional typesetting on a personal computer .

Although PageMaker provided the essential functions for photo typesetting , many typesetters and media designers lacked the precision of the photo typesetting machines used at the time, such as Linotype . In addition, PageMaker has only a few graphic functions. As a result, the QuarkXPress program , which was launched two years later, quickly caught on. When QuarkXPress was able to achieve a market share of around 90% in the professional sector in the early 1990s, PageMaker was positioned more for semi-professional typesetting and for private users. Aldus was bought by Adobe in 1994.

After Adobe's in-house competitor product Adobe InDesign was offered for the first time in 1999 , which, along with QuarkXPress, is a quasi-standard for graphic designers and layout designers , Adobe stopped developing PageMaker in 2002 with Version 7.0. The last update was in 2004.

Switching to other programs

Adobe recommends that PageMaker users switch to the latest version of InDesign. As of the InDesign CS PM Edition version , all versions are supplemented by PageMaker functions and enable the opening and conversion of PageMaker documents of version 6 or higher.

Via the libpagemaker , the free program Scribus also supports the opening of PageMaker documents of versions 6.5 and 7.0.

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