Adrian Beier the Elder

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Adrian Beier the Elder (born August 9, 1600 in Glauchau , † April 23, 1678 in Jena ) was a Protestant theologian , archdeacon and historian in Jena.


Adrian Beier was the son of Christian Beier (born October 21, 1539 in Bad Berka ; † March 16, 1610 in Glauchau / Schulhalter in Weimar), he studied in Jena , among other places, and took his bachelor's degree here in 1619 . In 1622 the master's degree followed, and in 1630 he completed his habilitation at the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Jena . As early as 1626 Adrian Beier worked in the theological office as a deacon at the city ​​church of St. Michael in Jena, and in 1635 he was appointed archdeacon .

Adrian Beier was married three times in his life and had 19 offspring. His son Adrian Beier the Younger was a lawyer and served twice as rector of the University of Jena .

In addition to his professional career, he made a great contribution as a city chronicler and historian for the city of Jena. He left behind a large number of handwritten writings and printed works.


  • Syllabus rectorum et professorum Jenæ, 1659 (A list of Jena professors)
  • Geographus Jenensis, 1665
  • Chronologus Jenensis see Annales Germano-Thuringo-Jenenses. According to Beer's handwriting for the first time ed. by Herbert Koch (= Jehnische Chronika. Zeit- und Jahrbuch), Vopelius: Jena 1914
  • Jena annals. 1523-1599. According to his handwriting with a handwriting sample and 11 family tables, Vopelius: Jena 1928
  • Architectus Jenensis, 1672: Architectus Jenensis by Mag. Adrian Beier. New ed. by Herbert Koch, Vopelius: Jena 1936


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  • Adrian Beier: Architectus Jenensis - illustration of the Yenish buildings. , published by Samuel Adolph Müller, 1681.