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Akrafjall from the northeast

Akrafjall from the northeast

height 642  m
location West Iceland
Coordinates 64 ° 20 '36 "  N , 21 ° 56' 36"  W Coordinates: 64 ° 20 '36 "  N , 21 ° 56' 36"  W.
Akrafjall (Iceland)
Type Palagonite back
rock Palagonite , basalt
Normal way from the northwest
Map of the mountain

Map of the mountain

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Akranes Harbor, Akrafjall in the background

The Akrafjall is a volcanic mountain in the west of Iceland . It is located in the municipality of Hvalfjarðarsveit , east of Akranes town .


It is located north of Reykjavík on a peninsula between the fjords of Borgarfjörður and Hvalfjörður and reaches a height of 642  m . The highest peak is in the northern part of the mountain and is called Geirmundartindur . Opposite it is the second highest peak of the mountain range, Háihnúkur ( 555  m ).

The mountain is oval in shape and extends from northeast to southwest, following the current location of the rift zones in the country.

A deep valley lies between the two highest peaks and opens to the southwest.


Akrafjall consists of palagonite and some basalt layers . These come from the Kjalarnes volcano, which was active about 2 million years ago.

For the most part, it was formed during the Ice Age . Later, the glaciers that were in the valleys of today's two fjords during the Ice Age scraped it for a long time. He stood out from among them as a nunatak .

What is striking is the division of the mountain into which the Berjadalur valley cuts. Akranes City's drinking water is drawn from here.

Former coast

Whale bones were found at a height of 80 m. This is explained by the fact that at the end of the Ice Age the land was lower than it is today. When the glaciers thawed with climate change, the sea flooded the land. But soon afterwards the land rose out of the sea because it had become lighter. The burden of the glaciers had fallen from him.

Many black-headed gulls breed on the mountain in summer . In the past, their eggs were collected and eaten.

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