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Al Capp in 1966

Alfred Gerald "Al" Caplin (born September 28, 1909 in New Haven , Connecticut , † November 5, 1979 in Cambridge , Massachusetts ; according to other information: South Hampton , New Hampshire ) was an American comic artist and author. The older brother of the comic book author Elliot Caplin and creator of the strip Li'l Abner became world famous as "Al Capp" .


Capp lost his left leg in an accident when he was ten. He attended several art schools and was initially an assistant to Ham Fisher , whom he supported as a ghost draftsman on his series Joe Palooka . There he developed a hillbilly figure, an idea that would form the basis for Li'l Abner . Li'l Abner's first day trip appeared on August 20, 1934, the Sunday page, which also contained the Washable Jones strip drawn by Capp for the first 16 weeks , followed on February 24, 1935. The main character was Abner Yokum, a handsome man but a simple-minded young man who always tried to defend himself against marriage and work. The strip continued from Capp into 1977: the last daily strip appeared on November 5, 1977, the last Sunday page on November 13, 1977.

Other strips from Capp were Col. Gilfeather and Fearless Fosdick . Col. Gilfeather was sold by Capp to the Associated Press in 1927 and was taken over by Milton Caniff some time later . The Dick Tracy parody Fearless Fosdick was created in 1942 as a separate series, but also appeared at irregular intervals in Li'l Abner as the title character's favorite reading. Capp supplied the texts for the Abbie comics to 'Slats (drawings: Raeburn Van Buren ) and Long Sam (drawings: Bob Lubbers ). Both writing activities were later taken over by his brother Elliot.

In 1947, after Milton Caniff, Al Capp became the second artist to receive the Reuben Award , the award given by the National Cartoonists Society since 1946. John Steinbeck , who called him the best writer in the world , suggested Capp for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953 . In German some adventure published by Li'l Abner in Carlsen Verlag .


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