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Albert Hackett in the film Molly O (1921)

Albert Maurice Hackett (born February 16, 1900 in New York City , New York , USA ; † March 16, 1995 there ) was an American screenwriter , playwright and silent film actor .


Hackett, born in Manhattan , was the eldest of two sons of the stage actress Florence Hackett and Maurice Hackett. His brother, who was two years younger than him, would later become silent film actor Raymond Hackett . However, their father died in 1905 when Albert was five and Raymond only three.

Hackett, confirmed by his mother, attended New York's Professional Children's School from the age of six , and was featured in several silent films as a supporting actor from 1912. He stood in front of the camera until he was 22, when he decided to write plays and screenplays.

But his first drafts were hardly crowned with success until he met and fell in love with Frances Goodrich , who also worked as a writer, at the end of the 1920s . Both married on February 7, 1931. While it was the third marriage for Goodrich, ten years older than him, it was the first for Hackett. Together they went to Los Angeles to do well in Hollywood.

For Albert and Frances Goodrich a more than 30-year partnership began on a professional level. Both wrote scripts together, and both were nominated four times for an Oscar in the Best Adapted Screenplay category. Among other things, they wrote the scripts for three crime comedies in the Dünner Mann film series with William Powell and Myrna Loy , and they were also responsible for the script for the classic film Isn't Life Beautiful? involved.

Her dramatization of Anne Frank's diary for the stage became known, and she also wrote the screenplay for the film of the same name in 1959 . Hackett and his wife received both the Tony Award and the Pulitzer Prize .

After their last film, the film drama Five Finger Exercises produced in 1962, Albert and Frances withdrew into their private lives. After the death of his wife on January 29, 1984, Albert Hackett married Gisella Svetlik, who was born in Sweden, in 1985. He remained married to her until his death.

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