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German title Crooks on vacation
Original title Hide-out
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1934
length 81 minutes
Director WS Van Dyke
script Frances Goodrich
Albert Hackett
production WS Van Dyke
Hunt Stromberg
music William ax
camera Ray June
Sidney Wagner
cut Basil Wrangell

Hide-Out (alternative title: crooks on vacation ) is an American crime comedy from 1934. The screenplay is based on a story by Mauri Grashin.


Lucky Wilson and Tony Berrelli are two crooks from New York who make a living from extortion. Lieutenant McCarthy threatens Wilson to put him behind bars, but Wilson is certain it will never happen. He continues with his blackmail until he is reported by the nightclub owner DeSalle. Wilson wants to flee to the Catskill Mountains with his friend Baby . But while escaping, he is injured by a police bullet.

Wilson manages to escape to Connecticut . He seeks help from the Miller family, whom he can convince themselves to be victims of a blackmailer. Wilson instructs Henry, the head of the family, to send a message to Berrelli. The doctor in the gang is supposed to come and see him here. Dr. Warner finds Wilson bedridden. Wilson doesn't want to return to New York because he met Henry's lovely daughter Pauline. The doctor leaves the house without Wilson.

Wilson hooks up with Pauline, the family has no suspicions against him. Wilson learns about farm life and learns how to milk and feed chickens. He quickly befriends Willie, Pauline's younger brother. When the parents and Willie visit relatives, Wilson and Pauline have a picnic. The trip is disrupted by a thunderstorm. The two find protection in an abandoned hut. Wilson does not want to seduce Pauline, who admits to love him, and urges a quick return home. When they come to the farm, they are greeted by Lieutenant McCarthy and his assistant Britt. Wilson asks McCarthy not to tell the Millers about his true identity. McCarthy and Britt, who fled to Miller-Farm before the thunderstorm, are touched by the warmth of the heart and the kindness of the hosts. You pretend to be Wilson's business partner and grant him a private farewell to Pauline. Alone with Pauline, he confesses his criminal past to her. He assures her that he will love her and return as an honest man. He says goodbye to the Millers. Pauline tells him that she will be waiting for him.


The film premiered on August 18, 1934.

In 1941 Robert B. Sinclair made a remake called I'll Wait for You .


Mordaunt Hall of the New York Times found director Van Dyke was showing his keen sense of humor again. He undoubtedly had the gift of making films with the dual virtues of intelligence and popularity. The subject and Robert Montgomery in the lead role are its advantages. Montgomery skills are an invaluable help in producing a warm and enjoyable film.


In 1935 Mauri Grashin was nominated for an Oscar in the category Best Original Story.

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