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Albillo Real is a white grape variety that is grown in central Spain on around 3000 hectares of vineyards, especially in the provinces of Extremadura, Galicia , Castile-León and Vinos de Madrid , as well as on La Palma . The variety ripens relatively early and has a high glycerol content . It is also sold as a table grape , but is only partially transportable. The grape variety is vigorous and high-yielding and delivers low-acid but high-alcohol wines . It is not only expanded according to the variety, but also serves to reduce the acidity of acidic wines. Albillo Real is a variety of the noble grapevine ( Vitis vinifera ). It has hermaphroditic flowers and is therefore self-fruiting. In viticulture , the economic disadvantage of not having to grow male plants that produce yield is avoided.

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Extensive DNA tests revealed that Albillo Real was the result of a cross between Prié Blanc and an as yet unidentified variety. Prié Blanc has been cultivated for a long time in the Spanish province of Ávila under the name Legiruela.


Albillo Real is also known under the names Abuela, Acerba, Acerva, Albarin Blanco; Albil Pardo, Albillo Cagalon, Albillo Castellano, Albillo Castillan, Albillo de Cebreros, Albillo de Granada, Albillo de Huebla, Albillo de Madrid, Albillo de San Jeronimo, Albillo de Toro, Albillo de Toro Dorado, Albillo Pardo, Albillo Peco, Albillo Peco de Trebugena, Albillo Temprano, Albillo Verdal, Albuela, Alvilla, Alvillo, Arvilla, Besto Maduro, Blanco Castellano, Blanco del Pais, Blanco Pais, Blanco Ribera, Blanco Rivera, Cagalon, Castellano Bianco, Cepa Canasta, Cepa de Lena, De Lena , Gual, Hogazuela, Hogomela, Nieves Temprano, Nives Temprano, Ojo de Liebre, Pardilla, Pardillo de Albillo, Picapol, Prolifera, Uva de Lena, Uva Pardilla and Verdaguilla.

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