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Alfréd hair

Alfréd Haar [ ˈɒlfreːd haːr ] (born October 11, 1885 in Budapest , Austria-Hungary , † March 16, 1933 in Szeged ) was a Hungarian mathematician .

Haar studied in Göttingen from 1904 and received his doctorate in 1909 under Hilbert . After a few years as an assistant in Göttingen, he was appointed to the University of Kolozsvár (today Cluj-Napoca in Romania) in 1912 . After an interlude in Budapest, after the First World War he went to Szeged , where the University of Kolozsvár had been relocated after Hungary ceded Transylvania to Romania as a result of the Treaty of Trianon . In Szeged he worked closely with Frigyes Riesz .

Hair worked on partial differential equations , Chebyshev - approximations and in particular on topological groups . The Haar measure named after him today is the transfer of the Lebesgue measure to locally compact groups. The Haar wavelet and, in approximation theory, the Haar space are named after him.

Memorial plaque at the University of Szeged


The asteroid (24907) Alfredhaar was named after him.

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