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Alfred Nossig

Alfred Nossig (born April 18, 1864 in Lemberg , Austrian Empire , † February 22, 1943 in Warsaw ) was a Polish writer , publicist , artist and statistician . He also worked as a portrait sculptor, wrote a monograph on Paderewski and the libretto for Paderewski's opera Manru from 1901, based on the novella Chata za wsia by Józef Ignacy Kraszewski .


In his youth, Alfred Nossig, who came from a Jewish family, was a supporter of Polish assimilation, co-editor of Polish-language papers, then he turned to Zionism .

From January 10, 1894, he organized a multi-day conference of representatives of associations for Palestine colonization in Paris (participants including Willy Bambus , Ruben Brainin , Oppenheimer , Elim d'Avigdor, Albert Goldsmid, Joseph Prague, Adam Rosenberg, Zadoc Kahn , M. Halévy , Sergei Voronoff, Narcisse Leven ; Nathan Birnbaum was not invited, although at the conference about the financial support of the "Jüdische Volkszeitung" - Birnbaum contributed significantly to it and was nominally editor-in-chief -, the successor to the received "Self-Emancipation", should be decided).

Alfred Nossig was a participant in the 1st Zionist Congress (Basel 1897), but soon became an opponent of Herzl. In 1902 he founded the " Association for Statistics of the Jews " in Berlin. Nossig was also co-editor of the magazine "Palestine" (1902–1938). In 1908 the "General Jewish Colonization Organization" was founded in Berlin (to "promote Jewish agricultural colonization in Palestine, Syria and the Sinai Peninsula"; brisk activity until the end of the First World War). 1928 Foundation of the Jewish department of the "Peace League of Religions". Nossig left Berlin in 1933 and went back to Poland.

As a member of the Warsaw Jewish Council , he was found guilty of collaboration with the National Socialists by the Jewish defense organization in 1943, sentenced to death and shot on February 22nd of that year.

Fonts (selection)

  • Proba rozwiazania kwestji zydowskiej ("Attempt to solve the Jewish question"), 1887 (the first Zionist writing in Poland)
  • Materials on Statistics of the Jewish Tribe, 1887
  • Social hygiene of the Jews, 1894
  • Revision of socialism, 1900
  • The modern agrarian question, 1902
  • Politics of World Peace, 1902
  • Jewish statistics, 1903
  • The Jewish Colonization Program, 1904
  • The Development of Zionism, 1905
  • Jewish Realpolitik, 1907
  • Jewish Land Policy, 1907
  • Integral Judaism, 1921
  • Bolshevism and Jews, 1921
  • Zionism and Judaism, 1928

Dramas (selection)

  • Tragedy of Thought (Polish, 1885)
  • The King of Zion, 1887
  • Divine love, 1899
  • Abarbanell, 1907

Sculptures (selection)

  • The Eternal Jew
  • The Maccabees
  • Nordau
  • King Solomon


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