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Allocation of seats and alliances in the National Parliament of East Timor (as of May 2008)

The Aliança da Maioria Parlamentar ( tetum Aliansa Maioria Parlamentar , German  Alliance of the Parliamentary Majority ) was the name of the government coalition that had formed after the parliamentary elections in 2007 in East Timor . Together, the alliance held 37 of the 65 seats in the East Timorese national parliament. The strongest party in parliament with 21 seats, FRETILIN , was not part of the alliance.

Part of the coalition were the Congresso Nacional da Reconstrução Timorense CNRT with 18 seats, the Partido Democrático PD with eight members and the two parties Associação Social-Democrata de Timor ASDT and Partido Social Democrata PSD , which with their joint electoral list Coligação ASDT / PSD eleven seats won. Together they formed the fourth constitutional government of East Timor .

At the beginning of May 2008 the ASDT signed a declaration of alliance with FRETILIN. However, she did not leave the government coalition, but plans to work with FRETILIN in the next elections. Both parties therefore called for new elections in spring 2009. The tension in the governing coalition was triggered by Prime Minister Gusmão's refusal to dismiss two cabinet officials accused of corruption, as the party had called for. Several members of the government are accused of corruption, as well as being too close to Indonesia. The PSD, a close partner of the ASDT, decided to remain in the coalition with the CNRT, the party of Prime Minister Gusmão, despite dissatisfaction in its own ranks. The five members of the ASDT in parliament also announced that in the event of a break in the coalition they would remain in the AMP even against the will of their party. At the end of July 2009, José Manuel Carrascalão , head of the ASDT parliamentary group in the East Timorese national parliament, deputy minister for infrastructure and deputy chairman of the ASDT, declared that his party would not support FRETILIN in campaigns against the AMP.

On May 13, 2008, UNDERTIM joined the government coalition. With its two MPs, the AMP would still have an absolute majority in parliament if the ASDT with its five members were to leave the coalition.

At the end of the legislative period, the governing coalition also ended. PSD, ASDT and UNDERTIM flew out of parliament. The CNRT and PD formed a new government , along with the newly drafted Frenti-Mudança .

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