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As A Classics teaching the lessons in is ancient languages Latin and Greek called that since Renaissance humanism subject of school education in Germany. Secondary schools that offer both Latin and Greek as a regular subject are still referred to as ancient language or humanistic grammar schools . Due to the mutual influences of Roman and Greek culture, the two subjects are closely related in terms of content and subject didactic . In addition, lessons in Biblical Hebrew are seldom understood as ancient language lessons, insofar as they are offered as a regular school subject in addition to the two other ancient languages, as is occasionally the case at schools and universities owned by the church.

Since Latin, Greek and Hebrew are the languages ​​of the Judeo-Christian tradition , ancient language teaching is often understood as conveying the values ​​of an occidental tradition. In contrast, the Roman and Greek cultures in their non-Christian forms represent a variety of cultural and philosophical designs, which were repeatedly studied and taught for their own sake in humanistic delimitation.

The Latinum (in some federal states, differentiated according to the duration of Latin lessons , into large Latinum , KMK Latinum and small Latinum ) and the Graecum , which are required by the universities for certain subjects of the students , are awarded as proof of achievement for corresponding achievements in these subjects . These are above all the humanities subjects, for example modern foreign languages , history or theology . In medicine , subject-related language skills (terminology) must be proven, which can also be acquired at the university.

The Hebraicum also exists for the subject Hebrew .

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