American Gold Eagle

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Gold eagle
Metal: 91.67% Au
Edge: corrugated
Embossing years: 1986 until today
2006 AEGold Proof Obv.png
Motive: Lady Liberty
Designer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Draft date: 1907
2006 AEGold Proof Rev.png
Motive: Adler lands at his eyrie
Designer: Miley Busiek
Draft date: 1986

The American Gold Eagle is an American gold coin denominated in the US dollar .


The coin is one of the investment coins and was first issued by the US Mint in 1986. The gold is in Eagle masses of 1 / 10 , ¼, ½ and 1 ounce 9167 Feingold 22 carat output (balance: 5.33% Cu and 3% Ag ), the US Mint vouches for gold content and ground. The front shows a design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens , the Goddess of Liberty "Lady Liberty" with a torch in her right hand. In the left she is holding an olive branch . On the back, based on a design by Miley Busiek, a male eagle is depicted, which also carries an olive branch as a symbol of freedom. It flies over an eyrie in which the female eagle with the chicks are. As is usual with investment coins, the market value of the Gold Eagles generally roughly corresponds to the gold price . For coin collectors of Gold Eagle is specially in quality Proof produced. These coins are primarily produced at the West Point Mint in West Point, New York and can be recognized by the mint mark “W” under the year.


The years of the Gold Eagles of the minting years up to 1991 are given with Roman numerals. From 1992 the year was stamped in Arabic numbers. Except for the specified nominal values ​​and fine weights, the design of the different Gold Eagles is identical. As with all investment coins, the face value has a rather symbolic character, the actual value is well above the stated value. Nevertheless, the Gold Eagles are an official means of payment.

Technical data of the American Gold Eagle
size diameter thickness Dimensions Face value
110 ounce 16.5 mm 1.26 mm 3.393 g $ 5
¼ ounce 22.0 mm 1.78 mm 8.483 g $ 10
½ ounce 27.0 mm 2.15 mm 16.966 g $ 25
1 ounce 32.70 mm 2.87 mm 33.931 g $ 50

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