Ana Fonell

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Ana Fonell (born January 31, 1949 in Berlin ) is a German actress , singer and voice actress .


Fonell is above all fans of the television series Raumschiff Enterprise: The next century is a household name, as she lent her voice to Gates McFadden in 94 episodes in the role of doctor Beverly Crusher , who was previously dubbed by Rita Engelmann . She also spoke to Barbara Bain in those episodes of the series Kobra, Take Over , for which Rose-Marie Kirstein was no longer available. She had another prominent dubbing role in the cartoon Lilo & Stitch , where she dubbed Mrs. Hasagawa .

Ana Fonell could be seen in front of the film camera in an episode of the crime series Rosa Roth , and between 1997 and 1998 as Regine Seifert , an inmate of the women's prison in Behind Bars - Der Frauenknast .

Since the mid-1970s, Ana Fonell has not only appeared as an actress but also as a singer on stages all over Germany, where she interprets literary songs and chansons. In recent years her focus has been specifically on the Argentine tango.

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