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Andreas Reischek (born September 15, 1845 in Linz ; † April 3, 1902 there ) was an Austrian explorer, ethnographer and ornithologist .

Andreas Reischek senior

life and work

After his military service, the trained baker became the body hunter of Marius Pasetti von Friedenburg (1841–1913), the youngest son of Florian Pasetti von Friedenburg (1793–1875), head of the office of the Danube Regulation Commission . From 1870 to 1875 he accompanied Pasetti jun. on his travels and acquired extensive knowledge of zoology and botany as an autodidact. In 1875 he went to Vienna, where he worked as a taxidermist and teaching material dealer. The taxidermist and curator of the Upper Austrian State Museum in Linz traveled a total of eight times to New Zealand from 1877 to 1889 . He financed some of these research trips himself. There he explored the Māori kingdom in the center of the North Island , which was forbidden to Europeans at the time. Reischek obtained a special permit and the trust of the Māori king Tawhiao , who honored him with the honorary title Ihaka Reiheke Te Kiwi Rangatira Autiria ( German "Andreas Reischek, the Schnepfenstrauss, Prince of Austria") and honored him with the award of tail feathers of the Huia bird . Reischek's son, the journalist Andreas Reischek junior , always maintained that King Tawhiao's friendly gesture was linked to the bestowal of hereditary chieftainship.

In New Zealand, Reischek completed Ferdinand von Hochstetter's ethnological work , studied Maori culture and made natural history observations. From his travels he brought, among other things, a rich bird collection with 16,000 objects and two mummified Māori corpses. He handed these over to the Natural History Museum Vienna and the Linz Museum Francisco-Carolinum, today's State Museum. The city of Linz granted him citizenship in recognition of his services, and he was elected to the administrative board of the State Museum.

Andreas Reischek's grave is located in the St. Barbara cemetery in Linz.


  • In 1903 the Reischekstraße in Linz was named after him. This connects Weißenwolffstrasse with Kaplanhofstrasse.
  • Further street names have been made so far in the Upper Austrian communities of Freistadt and Oftering ( Reischekstraße ), in the Lower Austrian Deutsch-Wagram (Andreas Reischek-Gasse) and in the 11th district of Vienna ( Reischekgasse ).
  • Awarded the citizenship of the city of Linz


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