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Memorial plaque for Anton Anderluh in Klagenfurt, Pernhartgasse 4

Anton Anderluh (born March 11, 1896 in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee , Carinthia , † January 3, 1975 there ) was an Austrian folk music collector and National Socialist .

Anton Anderluh worked as a music teacher in Klagenfurt. From 1952 he organized the Turnersee Singing Weeks, which contributed significantly to the maintenance of folk music in Austria. His main work, the edition "Kärntner Volksliedschatz" (12 volumes, 1960–75), was completed by Walter Deutsch .

From 1938 to 1945 Anderluh was director of the teacher training institute in Klagenfurt. Furthermore, he was head of the "Gau Committee for Folk Music in Carinthia" and "Country Manager of the Reich Chamber of Music for Carinthia". In June 2008, a commission of historians appointed by the Klagenfurt City Senate attested that he had been "more" than just a "follower of the Nazi regime of horrors". A renaming of Klagenfurt Anderluhstrasse was, however, in contrast to four other cases, not considered to be mandatory.

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