Antonio Dorregaray

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Antonio Dorregaray.

Antonio Dorregaray, Marques de Graul (* around 1820 in Ceuta , †  March 31, 1882 in England ) was a Spanish - Carlist general .

Dorregaray fought between 1836 and 1839 in the army of Carlos María Isidro de Borbón (1788–1855), then joined the royal army. He distinguished himself in the Spanish-Moroccan War in 1859 and was active as a senior police officer from 1855 to 1868, where he, however , showed himself to be very corruptible .

After the revolution in 1868 he lived at first retired, joined in 1872 as a lieutenant colonel in the service of Don Carlos, the so-called king Carlos VII. Dorregaray defeated the government troops at Los Arcos , and on May 5, 1873 at Graul and was for these applications lieutenant general and Marques . On June 26th he defeated General Postilla at Arroniz and on August 25th at Dicastillo General Santa Pau . He then took Portugalete , the port city near Bilbao .

In May 1874 Dorregaray became captain general of the Carlist army. With his proclamation of Estella on June 17, 1874, he put the stamp of barbarism on the Carlist uprising and thereby induced the major European powers to morally support the Serranos government in Madrid through official recognition. In June he repulsed Concha's army before Estella, was wounded in the process and went to Paris to recover . After his return he took over the supreme command of the army in Valencia and gave way to the superior power of Jovellars over Barbastro to Navarre . When Don Carlos gave up his resistance in February 1876, Dorregaray fled with him to England.