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Important data
Origin: Netherlands
Main breeding area: Netherlands
Distribution: low
Stick measure : 155 - 170 cm
Colors : Rappen
Main application area: Driving and dressage

The Arabofriese is a sport horse breed bred based on the Friesian . The appearance can hardly be distinguished from the pure Frisian. The main breeding area is the Netherlands .

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Arabofriese in Parisian horse fair.

Like his progenitor, the Friesian, the Arabo Friesian is almost always a black horse with long and full long hair and without a badge , only a small star is allowed. He reaches a height of 155 to 170 cm. A square horse with a long, sloping shoulder, well-muscled, slightly sloping croup and clear, dry joints and limbs is desired. The head should be fine with sufficient freedom of gait , the neck well muscled and the withers sufficient. All in all, this results in a good disposition to the sport horse.


The declared breeding goal is a horse with strong nerves and fast learning, which shows toughness and endurance in sport. In all three basic gaits, a lively, expansive, precise and active push from the hindquarters is required.

Breeding history

To improve the health and performance of the Friesian horse and the high rate of inbreeding to reduce, but to keep the appearance of the Frisians, chose in the 1970s, some breeders like Professor Hillner to mate the first generation of Arabofriesen the Friesenstute Yellow Rich and pure Egyptian black stallion Gharib from the Marbach State Stud . The aim of the stallion was to try to use bloodlines of the Arabian horses, which shaped the Frisians 400 years ago , again to increase the performance of the Frisians without changing their typical appearance.

In order to continue the Arabo Giant breed, Professor Hillner gave the brothers Cor and Jan Driessen the first tetman-free horses. Tetman was a line founder of the Frisians, a guarantor for a good trot and a lot of long hair, but also for a low willingness to work.

Even after the second generation, the result was an efficient and healthy sport horse with expansive gaits and sufficient willingness to work, at the level of the warmblood horse both in front of the carriage and under the saddle. It has a heart and lung volume suitable for sport, a rapid return to the normal pulse, fine skin and thus faster heat dissipation as well as improved muscles.

Breeding association

The breeding association is the EAFS European Arabo-Friesian Studbook , which is based in Belgium. All offspring are listed in the stud books. Since November 13, 2006, the Arabo Frisians are officially recognized as an independent and protected breed in all EU countries. There is also an Austrian breeding association.

Stallion performance test

A stallion performance test has been carried out since 2010 .


Foals that are genetically most promising for sport will receive the preliminary sport certificate. If the horses are successful in sports in the following years, they will then receive the definitive sports certificate. Three-year-old and older horses that have the sports certificate and impress with their particular beauty can acquire the elite rating at the licensing .

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  1. EAFS , Breeding Association