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Coordinates: 38 ° 1 '10 "  N , 23 ° 59' 52.5"  E

Map: Greece

Araphen ( ancient Greek Ἀραφήν ) was an Attic demos in the phyle Aigeis . It belonged to the coastal trittys of the phyle and was north of Halai Araphenides and Brauron . It is believed that the demos was in the place of the modern Rafina . So far, however, no inscriptions have been found here that clearly prove this.


Ailios Herodianos mentions in his work The Special Style (Περὶ μονήρους λέξεως) that Araphen was one of the hundred heroes after whom the phyls of Attica were named. Araphen was one of the first hundred demes of the Kleisthenic reforms and was named after this hero. Presumably the ancient name has survived to this day with only a slight change in the name Rafina.


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