Georg Reimer Publishing House

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The Georg Reimer publishing house was a science publisher in Berlin that existed from 1817 to 1918 .

He walked out of the bookstore of the Royal Secondary School in Berlin, shortly Realschulbuchhandlung, projecting that in 1749 by the then high-school director Johann Julius Hecker founded (1707-1768) and 1801 from which Greifswald originating publisher Georg Andreas Reimer in annual lease was acquired. From 1817 it operated as Reimersche Buchhandlung, in 1822 it was bought by Reimer.

The traditional range of school books in the former secondary school bookstore was successively expanded by Reimer to include German-language literature, humanities titles from theology , philosophy , and classical studies, as well as scientific and mathematical titles. Soon the Georg Reimer publishing house was one of the most important and successful publishers in Germany.

Well-known authors who published with Reimer included Achim von Arnim , Novalis , ETA Hoffmann , Jean Paul , Heinrich von Kleist , August Wilhelm and Friedrich Schlegel , Ludwig Tieck , Ernst Moritz Arndt , Adolph Diesterweg , Johann Gottlieb Fichte , Wilhelm von Humboldt and the Brothers Grimm . The collaboration with Friedrich Schleiermacher , whose complete works were published by Reimer, was of particular importance . The official publications of the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences and the German Archaeological Institute were also published by Reimer. As a result, the publisher achieved a high scientific reputation.

The most important scientific publications of the publisher were:

After the death of Georg Andreas Reimer, the publishing house was continued by his son Georg Ernst Reimer (1804–1885), then by his son Ernst Heinrich Reimer . 1894 joined Walter de Gruyter (1862-1923) as a volunteer in the publishing house and bought it in 1897. By purchasing from other publishers emerged in 1919, the "Association of Scientific Publishers, Walter de Gruyter & Co." from the 1923 Walter de Gruyter & Co. emerged .