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Work - movement - history. Journal of Historical Studies
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description Trade journal
publishing company Metropol Publishing House
First edition 2002
Frequency of publication three times a year
editor Association for research into the history of the labor movement
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ZDB 2835988-4

Work - Movement - History is a German historical journal ; it is subtitled "Journal for Historical Studies". From 2002 to 2015 it was published under the title JahrBuch for research on the history of the labor movement .

The magazine is aimed at an academic audience as well as those interested in history; its content is primarily concerned with the German and international labor movement . Other topics include social history and the history of the world of work, as well as the history of social movements.

The journal appears three times a year, the main part is made up of scientific articles and communications, there is also a section for the first publication of documents and an extensive review section. Issue II / 2014, published in May 2014, was the first special issue that was published on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the reactions of the international labor movement to the First World War . In September 2014, this focus was concluded with further articles in volume III / 2014. In January 2016, another special issue with the title "Left Workers Intervention, Wilde Strikes and Operaist Politics 1968 to 1988" followed.

Work - Movement - History is the only regular German-language specialist magazine that mainly deals with the history of the labor movement. The editorial team includes: Eric Angermann, David Bebnowski, Fabian Bennewitz, Oliver Gaida, Ralf Hoffrogge , Dietmar Lange, Sarah Langwald, Robert Schmieder, Anja Thuns and Axel Weipert.

The journal's authors include established historians and social scientists such as Rolf Badstübner , Peter Brandt , Günter Benser , Michael R. Krätke , Mario Keßler , Lutz Raphael , Dick Geary , Beverly Silver , Marcel van der Linden and Gisela Notz , but also young scientists and PhD students.

The first issue in 2016 was renamed Work - Movement - History. Journal of Historical Studies . Since then, the magazine has been published by the Berlin Metropol Verlag .

Listings and Bibliographic Databases

Each issue is evaluated and subject-wise indexed by the bibliography on the history of the labor movement (BiZGA) of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation .

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Individual evidence

  1. The archive for the history of resistance and work appears irregularly . The International Scientific Correspondence on the History of the German Labor Movement (IWK) has now been discontinued . The yearbook for historical communism research (JHK) published by the Federal Foundation for the Processing of the SED Dictatorship , on the other hand, deals only with the history of communist parties in the narrower sense. The bulletin of the Institute for Social Movements at the Ruhr University Bochum, however, was converted into the English-language magazine Moving the Social in 2013 . Other journals deal with social history and have this term in their title.