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legal form Commercial enterprise
founding 1988
Seat Berlin
Branch Science publisher

The Metropol Verlag is a publishing house based in Berlin . The main focus is on contemporary history, the history of National Socialism and the concentration camps, the history of the GDR and the history of communism in Eastern Europe. There are also studies on current anti-Semitism and right-wing extremism. The publisher also publishes the life stories of those persecuted by Stalinism in the Soviet Union and the GDR and books for children and young people on historical topics.

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The publishing house was founded in 1988 by Friedrich Veitl in West Berlin and publishes around 60 book titles per year; by the end of 2017, more than 900 titles had been published.

The Metropol Verlag is home to several book series that have arisen from cooperation with institutions such as the Center for Research on Antisemitism at the TU Berlin, the Sachsenhausen Memorial , the Federal Foundation for the Processing of the SED Dictatorship and the Free University of Berlin .

The most important book series of the publisher include the Library of Remembrance , ÜberLebenszeugnisse , History of the Concentration Camps 1933–1945 , the series of publications by the Brandenburg Memorials Foundation , Minima Judaica and contemporary stories . The first title in the series of trade unionists under National Socialism. Persecution - Resistance - Emigration by the Free University of Berlin was published in 2012. In the same year, the first volume in the series of publications by the Representatives of the State of Brandenburg to Process the Consequences of the Communist Dictatorship was published. The publications of the Silent Heroes Memorial Center have been published since 2013 . The Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial established the Neuengammer Colloquia series back in 2011 . In the same year, the studies on anti-Semitism in Europe were published for the first time.

Various scientific periodicals are also published by Metropol Verlag. This includes the renowned historical journal , which was taken over by the publisher in 1993. Other subject-specific journals of the publisher include the yearbook for anti-Semitism research , the yearbook for historical communism research (JHK) and Voyage. Yearbook for Travel & Tourism Research and since 2016 Work - Movement - History. Journal of Historical Studies .

Metropol primarily publishes books in German. The publisher also offers English-language editions of exhibition catalogs and successful works, such as the volume on the history of the Berlin Airlift .

One of the publishing topics: The Berlin Airlift 1948/49.


The publisher's scientific authors and editors include Wolfgang Benz , Hans Coppi , Barbara Distel , Helmut Müller-Enbergs , Stefanie Endlich , Detlef Garbe , Jens Gieseke , Eckhard Jesse , Stefan Heinz , Jens Hüttmann , Hermann Kaienburg , Anna Kaminsky , Mario Keßler , Detlef Lehnert , Stephan Lehnstaedt , Annette Leo , Ulrich Mählert , Lothar de Maizière , Siegfried Mielke , Günter Morsch , Peer Pasternack , Karl Heinz Roth , Heinz Schneppen , Günter Schubert , Hasso Spode , Wolfgang Templin , Feliks Tych , Alexander Jurjewitsch Watlin , Juliane Wetzel , Christl Wickert , Wolfgang Wippermann , Manfred Wilke , Jürgen Zarusky and Rüdiger Zimmermann .

The writings of Emil Büge , Otti Binswanger-Lilienthal (the youngest daughter of Gustav Lilienthal ), Eugen Herman-Friede , Marie-Luise Jahn , Gertrud Lehmann-Waldschütz , Rudolf Olden and Livia Käthe Wittmann were published as autobiographies and contemporary witness reports .

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