Yearbook for Historical Research on Communism

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Yearbook for Historical Research on Communism
description Trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise History , political science
language German
publishing company Akademie Verlag 1993–2000
Aufbau-Verlag 2001–2013
Metropol Verlag since 2014
First edition 1993
Frequency of publication yearly
editor Federal foundation to come to terms with the SED dictatorship
Web link Info from the foundation processing
ZDB 1168805-1

The Yearbook for Historical Research on Communism (JHK) is an annual German-language historical specialist journal that deals with the history of communism .


The JHK was founded in 1993 by the Mannheim historian and political scientist Hermann Weber . The Mannheim Center for European Social Research , whose GDR work area was headed by Weber, initially acted as the publishing institution. The yearbook was first published by Akademie Verlag , from 2001 to 2013 it was published by Aufbau Verlag , and in 2014 the publisher switched to Metropol Verlag in Berlin .

In 2004 the editing of the JHK was taken over by the Federal Foundation for the Processing of the SED dictatorship . On behalf of the foundation, the yearbook has since been published by a committee of respected historians and political scientists, consisting of Ulrich Mählert , Jörg Baberowski , Bernhard H. Bayerlein , Bernd Faulenbach , Peter Steinbach , Stefan Troebst and Manfred Wilke (as of 2019). The editors are supported by an international scientific advisory board.

Content profile

The JHK endeavors to shed light on communism in the 20th century as a European and global phenomenon and publishes treatises and materials on the history of communist regimes as well as on communism as a political and social movement . Fixed thematic components form contributions to the history of the GDR , the communist movement in the interwar period (especially the Comintern ) and the history of the communist regimes of the post-war period. The history of anti-communism is also dealt with regularly. Recently, questions of the politics of remembrance have also become increasingly important.

Each volume has several thematic focal points, each of which has several articles printed on it, but the yearbook also contains articles, mishaps , annotated archive documents, biographical sketches and collective reviews outside of these focal points. From 2001 to 2014, the JHK also published the International Newsletter of Communist Studies as an appendix , which provides information on new publications, archives, conferences and web resources.


In the first 20 years since it was founded, the JHK has published articles by around 370 German and international authors of various political origins. Among the authors are Włodzimierz Borodziej , Pierre Broué , Stéphane Courtois , György Dalos , Iring Fetscher , Helmut Fleischer , Wladislaw Hedeler , Jerzy Holzer , Egbert Jahn , Eckhard Jesse , Mario Keßler , Gerd Koenen , Wolfgang Leonhard , Ottokar Luban , Norman Naimark , Wolfgang Ruge , Martin Sabrow , William Totok and Alexander Vatlin .


In 2007 the JHK printed an interview with the former SED official and Lord Mayor of Dresden , Wolfgang Berghofer . In it, he reported on a meeting of the SED leadership in December 1989 at which the proposal had been made to shift responsibility for the GDR regime crisis to the Ministry of State Security and thus to avert damage to the party. Gregor Gysi , who had been named by Berghofer as a participant in the meeting, denied the facts and obtained a cease and desist declaration from the Aufbau-Verlag by legal means . As a result, the 2007 edition of the JHK could only be distributed with a blackening .

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