Archaeological news sheet

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Archaeological news sheet

description German science magazine
Area of ​​Expertise archeology
language German
publishing company Akademie-Verlag , Berlin
First edition 1996
attitude 2012
Frequency of publication 4 times a year
editor Presidium of the German associations for antiquity research

The Archäologische Nachrichtenblatt (ANB) was a scientific archaeological journal that was published until 2012.

The first volume of the ANB appeared in 1996. It was the follow-up publication to the journal Ausgrabungen und Funde (published 1956 to 1995), which in turn continued the journal Nachrichtenblatt für die deutsche Vorzeit (published 1925 to 1943). In contrast to other archaeological journals, the focus of the Archäologische Nachrichtenblatt was not primarily on archaeological field research or art-historical analyzes, but on organizational, legal, structural and methodological problems in the areas of soil conservation , museum work and university research and teaching. The contributions had topics of supraregional interest and made current as well as interdisciplinary references. In addition, institutions, projects, research results and events were presented in short contributions, opinions were expressed and discussions were held. Current dissertations and habilitations were also presented. The focus of the articles was on the archeology of Germany, but articles on all archeologies could be published worldwide.

The magazine was run by the Berlin Academy Verlag . The ANB was published by the Presidium of the German Associations for Antiquity Research in the person of Matthias Wemhoff , Wolfram Schier and Günter Wetzel (previously by Wilfried Menghin and Bernhard Hänsel ). The editor was Heino Neumayer . The editorial department was based at the Museum of Prehistory and Early History of the State Museums in Berlin . The editorial team was financed by external sponsors.

The magazine was published annually in a volume of four issues each. The second issue of each year was primarily reserved for reports from last year's colloquium of the Association of State Archaeologists in Germany. Permanent rubrics were

  • The forum : current problems in archeology were discussed here
  • Reports
    • from state archeology
    • from museums
    • from universities (especially reports in the form of abstracts on habilitations and dissertations)
    • of research projects
    • of meetings, congresses and colloquiums
  • an event calendar
  • Notifications (appointments and appointments; honors; habilitations; announcements; obituaries)

Once a year the journal published a list of all passed exams at universities in German-speaking countries, as well as a list of all projects supported by the German Research Foundation in the field of archeology on German territory.

Since 2013, the new journal Blickpunkt Archäologie has been serving as the association journal of the German associations for antiquity research with a stronger commercial profile.


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