Archange Tuccarro

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Illustration from Tuccaro's book (1599)
Woodcut from Tuccaro's book (1599)

Archange Tuccarro (alternatively: Arcangelo Tuccaro , * 1535 in the province of L'Aquila ; † 1602 or 1616 ) was an Italian professional acrobat , tightrope walker and author of a book on acrobatics.

In 1570, at the request of Maximilian II , he accompanied his daughter Elisabeth to her wedding with Karl IX. to France.

Tuccarro lived at the court of Charles IX. of France as royal court jumper ( saltarin du roi ) and gymnastics instructor of the young king.

Trois dialogues

He published the book "Trois dialogues de l'exercise de sauter et voltiger en l'air" in Paris in 1599 . The book contains around 400 pages of 88 woodcuts from over 50 different acrobatic exercises. The book is divided into four chapters, which are written in dialogue form. This book is considered to be the world's first methodical floor exercise book . It is believed that he wrote the book on the training of the king. It was only published after Charles' death (1574).

In 1816, Friedrich Ludwig Jahn mentions the book in his work Die Deutsche Turnkunst in the section on books about gymnastics:

“Headlong or jumping: Trois Dialogues du St. Archange Tuccaro de l ' abbruzzo au royaume de Naples . A Paris chez Claude de Monstroeil. 1589. [The conversations are often long conversations, linger a long time at useless entrances, and flood with an inexorable torrent of words. The tasty, good grains have to be found with great difficulty from the chaff.] ”( Friedrich Ludwig Jahn : Die deutsche Turnkunst. 1816, p. 256).

The only German handwritten translation comes from HF Maßmann (1797–1874) and can be viewed in the central library of the German Sport University in Cologne.

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