Paragon (band)

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Paragon at the Stock Market Crash Festival in Wuppertal 2016
Paragon at the Stock Market Crash Festival in Wuppertal 2016
General information
Genre (s) Heavy metal , power metal
founding 1990
Founding members
Chris Barena (until 1994)
Martin Christian (until 2011)
Frank Hellweg (until 1991)
Dirk Sturzbecher (until 1995)
Kay Neuse (until 1996)
Current occupation
Andreas Babushkin
Wolfgang Tewes (since 2011)
Jan Bertram (since 2012)
Sören Teckenburg (since 2014)
Jan Bünning (1997–2007, since 2009)
former members
Chris Barena (1990-1994)
Kay Carstens (1994-1996)
Frank Hellweg (1990-1991)
Marcus Cremer
Wolfgang "Woko" Köhler (1993–1994)
Tommy Eichstädt
Daniel Görner (1993–1996)
Claudius Cremer (1996-2003)
Günny Kruse (2003-2011)
Martin Christian (1990-2011)
Dirk Sturzbecher (1990–1995)
Uwe Wessel (1995–1996)
Dirk Seifert (2007-2009)
Kay Neuse (1990-1995)
Markus Corby (1995-2005)
Christian Gripp (2005-2013)

Paragon is a heavy and power metal band from Hamburg .


The band was founded in 1990 by guitarist Martin Christian. After releasing a few demo tapes and a mini CD, the band released their debut album World of Sin in 1994 . Shortly thereafter, her recording studio Blue Merle went bankrupt. About two years later, Martin Christian found four new members in Andreas Babuschkin, Jan Bünning, Markus Corby and Claudius Cremer and recorded the album The Final Command with them . Chalice of Steel followed in 1999 . In 2001 Paragon released Steelbound , developed and produced by Piet Sielck ( Iron Savior ). He worked on the albums Steelbound , Law of the Blade , The Dark Legacy and Revenge . 2005 drummer Markus Corby left the band.

In 2007 the album Forgotten Prophecies was released , no longer produced by Piet Sielck. After the recordings, long-time bassist Jan Bünning left the band and was replaced by Dirk Seifert. However, this was only part of the band for a short time, since Jan Bünning returned to Paragon in 2009. For the album Screenslaves (2008), which was preceded by the EP Larger Than Life , Uwe Lulis ( Rebellion , ex- Grave Digger ) was brought on board as producer, which again guaranteed the album a decent sound.

In 2011, band founder and main songwriter Martin Christian left the band because the double burden of his second band bar terrorists became too great for him. He was replaced by the guitarist Wolfgang Tewes. Günny Kruse also left the band.

With the new guitarist Jan Bertram from the band Rapid Angel, where he continues to play with Christian Gripp and Dirk Seifert, the band worked on a new album, which was again produced by Piet Sielck and released in 2012.

Band members


  • 1994: World of Sin
  • 1998: The Final Command
  • 1999: Chalice of Steel
  • 2001: Steelbound
  • 2002: Law of the Blade
  • 2003: The Dark Legacy
  • 2005: Revenge
  • 2007: Forgotten Prophecies
  • 2008: Larger Than Life (EP)
  • 2008: Screenslaves
  • 2012: Force of Destruction
  • 2016: Hell Beyond Hell
  • 2019: Controlled Demolition

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