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Arnold Adolf Berthold (also: Arnold Adolph Berthold; born February 26, 1803 in Soest ; † January 3, 1861 in Göttingen ) was a German physiologist and zoologist and professor at the University of Göttingen .

Arnold Adolf Berthold


He studied in Göttingen and received his doctorate in 1823. med. and went to Berlin the following year and to Paris in 1825. In 1825 he completed his habilitation in Göttingen and worked as a general practitioner. In 1829 he was elected a member of the Leopoldina Scholars' Academy . In 1835 he became associate professor and in 1836 full professor of physiological anatomy and natural history at the University of Göttingen. His experiments carried out in 1849, which showed that castration of male chicks prevented their development into roosters, proved (as was confirmed by other researchers from 1910 on) the presence of an "internal secretion " from glands (in this case the male gonads) and shut it down a pioneer in endocrinology .

He made contributions to physiology, zoology and anatomy. In 1837 he became the Royal Society of Science in Göttingen .

Berthold Medal

In his honor, the German Society for Endocrinology has been awarding the Berthold Medal every year since 1980, which is combined with a scientific lecture, the Berthold Lecture, at the Society's annual meeting.


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