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Artforum is an international art magazine. It appears ten times a year from September to May each month together with an annual summer edition.


Artforum magazine, Artforum International Magazine, was founded in San Francisco in 1962 . In 1965 the editorial team moved to Los Angeles . In 1967 the company moved to New York . In 1974, the November issue caused a scandal when Artforum published a copyright-protected center-fold advertisement (opening interior image) by the artist Lynda Benglis , in which she posed with a dildo . Tim Griffin has been editor-in-chief since 2003 . About 90% of the Artforum consists of full-page advertisements from galleries and museums.


Thematically one changed from the late modern to minimalism and contemporary art . In addition to detailed articles and reviews of contemporary art, the magazine also offers book reviews and columns on cinema and pop culture .

Known employees


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