August Schanz

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Jean Philipp August Schanz (born October 5, 1871 in Frankfurt am Main ; † November 19, 1935 there ) was a master locksmith, entrepreneur and local politician.


August Schanz continued to run his father Adam Schanz's metalworking shop and expanded it. In addition to his professional and political activities, he was also significantly active in professional organizations. He was politically active in the Democratic Party and from 1919 to 1924 city councilor in Frankfurt am Main. In the course of his activity he got to know the committed city planning officer and settlement planner Ernst May des Neues Frankfurt . Together they developed the steel frame - a frame made of folded sheet steel that is attached to the masonry and into which a door leaf is hung. It was manufactured by the Stahl Schanz company.

Schanz was involved in the professional issues of the craft, was head master of the locksmith's guild, co-founder and chairman of the then important craft office and from 1927 in a leading position in the Rhine-Main Chamber of Crafts . Together with other masters, August Schanz founded the industrial development agency , which still exists today as a vocational training and technology center in Frankfurt. From 1922 to 1929 he was deputy chairman of the Chamber of Crafts for the Wiesbaden administrative district in Wiesbaden and in 1919 chairman of the newly established craftsmen's council. In this function he was the organizer and head of the municipal procurement system and was significantly involved in the first drafting of the first procurement regulations.

A street and an industrial area in Frankfurt-Preungesheim are named after August Schanz . His grave is in the Frankfurt main cemetery .


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