Avrig – Făgăraş railway line

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Avrig – Făgăraş
Route of the Avrig – Făgăraş railway line
Course book route (CFR) : 200
Route length: 50.63 km
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Route - straight ahead
from Sibiu
Station, station
116.61 Avrig
Stop, stop
109.14 Porumbacu
Stop, stop
105.31 Sărata Colun
Stop, stop
102.90 Scoreiu
Stop, stop
98.82 Cârța
Stop, stop
95.60 Arpaș
Station, station
90.46 Ucea
to Victoria
Stop, stop
87.48 Viştea
Stop, stop
83.97 Olteț
~ 79 Sâmbăta de Jos
Stop, stop
77.69 Voila
Stop, stop
74.38 Dridif
Stop, stop
71.15 Beclean pe Olt
Station, station
65.98 Fagaras
Route - straight ahead
to Brașov

The Avrig – Făgăraş line is a main line in Romania . It runs on the northern edge of the Transylvanian Alps along the Olt River .


The railway line was built at the end of the 19th century under the name "Localbahn Felek-Fogaras" on the territory of Hungary within the Habsburg dual monarchy . It was completed on November 22, 1892 and connected eastward to the railway line from Sibiu to Avrig, which had been in operation a few weeks earlier .

By continuing the railway line from Făgăraș to Brașov in 1908, Sibiu and Brașov were directly connected with each other, so that the railway line from Avrig to Făgăraș also gained national importance.

After the end of the First World War , Transylvania and with it the railway line came to Romania; it was taken over by the state railway company Căile Ferate Române .

From July 2009 to December 2010 the line was interrupted due to a damaged bridge between the Scoreiu and Cârța stations . There was no money available for a repair for a long time.

Todays situation

The line is single-track and not electrified. It is part of the important long-distance connection from Brașov via Sibiu to Arad . Several express trains run daily.

Elevation profile


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