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Barbara Voors (2010)

Barbara Anne Voors (born September 28, 1967 in Nacka , Stockholm ) is a Swedish journalist and writer .


Voors, the daughter of a Dutch businessman and a Swede, moved to Tehran with her parents a few months after she was born . During the Iranian Revolution , she returned to Stockholm in 1979 at the age of eleven. An original interest in acting soon gave way to a tendency towards writing. From 1988 to 1992 she studied journalism at Stockholm University and received her doctorate in 1998 from the Stockholm School of Journalism. Until 1997 she worked as a freelance journalist alongside a job for church aid organizations in Zimbabwe and Mozambique . She also works as a moderator and consultant for various organizations such as Sida or UNICEF and the Swedish Foreign Ministry. As a journalist, she writes travel reports, chronicles and articles.

She was strongly influenced by her stay in Iran. At the age of 22 she made her debut with the novel Älskade du , a story about the first impossible love. Akvarium then appeared with memories from Iran. In 1993 she wrote in the novel Tillit till dig about the loss of trust between lovers. Syster min was also translated into German as Klara's diary and combines the two genres of a classic and a detective novel. In 2001 the novel Savanna's Secret was published and it was followed by the work The Lover on the social, economic, professional and emotional decline of a woman. Mina döttrars systrar is about three sisters. While the youngest is in a coma in New York, the siblings sit at their deathbed and talk about their lives. The travel story När elefanter dansar (German for example when the elephants dance ) reports on democratization, development aid and the fight against malaria in Tanzania and combines prose with the development and human rights issues described.

Voors also writes children's books that have been translated into Finnish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and Danish.

She lives in Nacka with her husband and two daughters.


  • 1990: Älskade you , Roman
  • 1991: Akvarium , Roman
  • 1993: Tillit till dig , novel
  • 1994: Fredrikas fräkneunion , children's book
  • 1994: När elefanter dansar , travel story
  • 2000: Klara's diary (original title: Syster min , 1997), novel, ISBN 978-3-74661-835-7
  • 2001: Insomnia or Savanna's secret (original title: Sömnlös , 2000), novel, ISBN 978-3-74661-963-7
  • 2004: The Lover (Original title: Smultronbett , 2003), Roman, ISBN 978-3-74662-249-1
  • 2004: Mina döttrars systrar , novel
  • 2005: Mamman som tjatade så att hon dog , children's book
  • 2006: Flickorna som var vakna för länge , children's book
  • 2007: Islossning , Roman
  • 2007: Pappan som rymde hemifrån , children's book
  • 2010: Emmy Moréns dubbla liv , youth novel
  • 2010: Fantomsmärtor , novel

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