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In the construction industry, a construction lot is the division of a building into several sections. The name comes from the procedure originally customary in the construction industry, in which several bidders distribute the sections through a raffle . A distinction is made between specialist and partial lots, whereby the specialist lots are divided according to specialist areas or branches of industry, and the partial lots according to spatial layout or order size. The division into specialist and partial lots is, among other things, for reasons of promoting medium-sized companies for larger public contracts in accordance with Section 5 (2) VOB / A provided.

If it is not already legally required, the division into construction lots can take place for the following reasons:

  • On the one hand, there is a division according to different work. So being in a house building installations for water , electricity or gas in other Fachlos advertised as such. B. Masonry work so that this work can be carried out by specialists and specialist companies (contract award).
  • Another reason is the timing of construction work. Part of the measure that is to be completed this year will be tendered in a different lot than the part that is to be completed next year.
  • Another reason is when different building contractors are involved in a measure, for example at an intersection between a federal road and a state road . Here, the construction work is distributed over different lots in such a way that each partial lot only lists the part that has to be paid for by one of the parties involved.
  • Faster completion: In the case of linear structures such as roads, the work is outsourced to several companies who work at the same time but in different road sections.
  • The contractors can have bid together as a working group (ARGE) and divide the entire order into lots (so-called lot ARGE )

The division of a construction project into partial lots must not aim to reduce the contract value below the threshold value (cf. § 3 Paragraph 2 VgV ).

Even when purchasing vehicles or the like, such as B. boats, one speaks of construction lots when a series of similar vehicles is awarded in partial orders to different manufacturers or one after the other.

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