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Beate Schmeichel-Falkenberg (born June 20, 1926 in Hamm ; died September 17, 2017 in Belsen ) was a German teacher and author .


Beate Schmeichel-Falkenberg studied German and English at the University of Göttingen and then worked as a journalist for the BBC in England. She later returned to Münster and worked as a teacher. With Manfred Schmeichel, she founded a school for the physically handicapped in Mössingen , which is part of today's KBF Foundation .

Schmeichel-Falkenberg worked for a time at WDR as a presenter in the program Hier und heute and at the University of Münster at the Institutum Judaicum Delitzschianum .

She was a co-founder of the Else Lasker Student Society and the Kurt Tucholsky Society . In the Society for Exile Research she headed the working group “Women in Exile”.


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