Beneath (2007)

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German title Beneath
Original title Beneath
Country of production United States
original language English , French
Publishing year 2007
length 78 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Dagen Merrill
script Kevin Burke ,
Dagen Merrill
production Sean Covel ,
Chris Wyatt ,
Troy Craig Poon
music John Frizzell ,
Frederik Wiedmann
camera Mike Southon
cut Jeff Gullo

Beneath is an American horror film / thriller from director Dagen Merrill in 2007, which together with Kevin Burke also wrote the screenplay. The film is the first collaboration between Paramount Classics - a Paramount Pictures subsidiary, which in turn belongs to the American media company Viacom - and MTV Films . The film was produced directly for DVD distribution.


Fourteen-year-old orphan Christy Wescot asks her older married sister Vanessa to let her behind the wheel of her car. As a result, she tragically caused a serious traffic accident that disfigured Vanessa, mother of a young daughter, forever. She is only slightly injured, while Vanessa is cared for for months by her husband Jonathan “John” Locke and the nurse Claire Wells. At this time, John and Claire become closer and a secret love develops. One day the disfigured Vanessa finds out about this affair and insidiously gives her rival a fatal injection . The events are hushed up. In order to get rid of the body of the nurse, six months after the car accident, they fake Vanessa's death, but secretly buries the previously murdered Claire in the family crypt. John then gives up his job as a doctor and secretly takes care of his changed wife in the basement of the spacious country house.

The traumatized Christy, Vanessa's only surviving relative, who has been haunted by mysterious visions since the accident, is led to believe that her older sister has succumbed to her injuries and has passed away gently. Christy's hallucinations soon cast doubt on this theory, and she believes that her older sister was once buried alive. After six years of unsuccessful psychiatric treatment, she one day returns to her tranquil home community of Edgemont, Montana, which she left after her sister's death to investigate and face her trauma at the same time. She hopes to find out what her visions and drawings are all about, some of which she makes under the influence of medication.

Her presence in the place is met with rejection in Vanessa's family by marriage. John, who is clearly trying to give his sister-in-law hospitality, and his mother, Mrs. Locke, Vanessa's despotic mother-in-law, reject Christy decisively and kindly so that she has to look for accommodation outside the house. In her niece Amy, with whom she gets along very well, Christy finds a sympathetic friend who encourages her to spend more days in the village. Little Amy, who doesn't know her birth mother, reveals to her aunt Christy that she suspects dark beings, so-called monsters, in the house, who are secretly up to mischief in the house. At this point, however, she has no idea that her "monster" is her mutilated mother. Shortly after Christy's arrival, John's mother is found fatally injured under strange circumstances. Another work by Vanessa.

After the old lady's death at the latest, Christy learns that she can foresee certain events in her visions that correspond to reality. In the course of their investigation, Christy uncovered the dark secret, but came into conflict with John, who wanted to keep his family secrets and used violence against his sister-in-law. In a duel, John is shot by Christy. A little later, the young woman discovers her hidden and locked sister in the basement of the venerable building, who immediately attacks her until Vanessa realizes that she has Christy in front of her. The two sisters get closer. Suddenly Amy, armed with a kitchen knife, storms the scene and unsuspectingly kills her monster and thus her own mother. The bodies are then taken away by the police, and later Christy and Amy scatter her sister's ashes in a lake.


"Cleverly developed thriller with a horror look that always gives its plot new twists."

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