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Bernhard Sperrfechter (born September 5, 1960 in Baden-Württemberg ) is a German guitarist , author , lecturer , teacher and member of jazz and pop ensembles.


Sperrfechter played in various bands since 1978; with the SBF Big Band Bad Friedrichshall he won the youth jazz competition in 1980 and 1982 . From 1985 to 1990 he studied guitar at the Conservatorium voor Muziek (Hogeschool der Kunsten) in Maastricht, the Netherlands .

As a freelance musician he works with Barbara Lahr (in the Trio Barba Ra with her and Erwin Ditzner ), Caroll Vanwelden, SHS ( Sauerborn -Höhn-Sperrfechter), Hot Four, Public Sound Office (with trumpeter Thomas Siffling ), with Jule Unterpann as jazz channels and the SwingSize Orchestra. He released several CDs both with his own projects and as a sideman.

Sperrfechter has a teaching position at the Frankfurt music workshop and is director of the music school of the city of Speyer . Before that he was department head for jazz and pop and from 2004 educational director at the music school Eberbach . He is also a lecturer at workshops. He is the author of an ensemble book “The Basic Ensemble Book: Hearing-Understanding-Naming-Playing”, the harmony theory “Blues-Changes-Modes-Symmetry” and a play-along set for children “Play-Along Hits for Kids”.

Discographic notes

  • Barbara Lahr Trio Six String Call
  • Hot Four The hot four
  • SHS Sauerborn-Höhn-Sperrfechter!
  • Hot Four Creole Jazz Band Rockfour
  • Thomas Siffling and Public Sound Office Human Impressions
  • SHS Better Days
  • Hot Four Creole Jazz Band Let's be called four ...
  • Jutta Glaser Little Girl Blue
  • Jutta Glaser Moondance
  • Gerd Mayer-Mendez Alone2Gether
  • Schott Verlag Klangstrasse
  • Traffic Jam On Silent Streets
  • Sybille Schleicher Oh my heart would bleed to death
  • Fromaasch On Voyage
  • Michael Demmerle Quartet Chandra
  • Leon Mennen Guitar Forms
  • Stephan Zobeley Zobel
  • Benjamin Wittiber Cool Vibes
  • Caroll Vanwelden Don't explain


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