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The Episcopal Church Music Institute (BKI for short) is a training center for part-time church musicians from the Speyer diocese . It is subordinate to the Department of Church Music of the Episcopal Ordinariate Speyer.


Erhard Quack , who was the choirmaster at the Jakobuskirche in Schifferstadt at the time, began teaching church music in 1935. In 1941 the "Episcopal Church Music Institute of the Diocese of Speyer" was created. Quack headed the institute until 1969. Today, Diocesan Church Music Director Manfred Degen is the head of the entire facility.


The main office is located at Hasenpfuhlstrasse 33b in Speyer ; there are also locations in Landau , Kaiserslautern and St. Ingbert . The locations are headed by permanent church musicians. The main office in Speyer is managed by Martin Erhard, the branch in Landau Bernd Greiner, the branch in Kaiserslautern Maximilian Rajczyk and the branch in St. Ingbert Christian von Blohn . Once a week the subjects of music theory, ear training, voice training, liturgy singing, liturgy and choral conducting are taught in class at a fixed date. The instrumental lessons are given in individual lessons after consultation with the respective lecturer and, if necessary, also in the home parish. For example, Mr. Gerhard Jentschke in Zweibrücken has this option.

Programs offered

  • Basic organ course: the training lasts up to three years and ends with a certificate.
  • D-sub-area examination for organ or choir director: The training lasts two years.
  • Entire D examination for organ and choir conducting. The training lasts two years and leads to the completion of the D exam.
  • C-sub-area examinations for organ or choir conducting: The training lasts three years and leads to the qualification of C organist or C choirmaster
  • Entire C-exam for organ and choir conducting: This training lasts three years and leads to the completion of the C-exam

Approval requirements

In order to be admitted to study in the C or D degree programs, an entrance exam is required to test basic skills in the areas of music theory, ear training, singing or sight-reading as well as piano playing . However, proof of existing knowledge in the area of ​​organ playing is not necessary. No entrance exam is required for the basic organ course, but basic piano knowledge is recommended.

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Head of the BKI

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