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Biso (* 9th century in western Saxony; † September 9, 909 ) was a Paderborn bishop .

As the first bishop freely elected by the clergy , he was consecrated after May 2, 887 by the Archbishop of Mainz Liutbert . The investiture was carried out by King Charles the Fat . Biso was bishop from 887 to September 9, 909. He is buried in Paderborn Cathedral . During his time as bishop he faced eleven popes.

Bishop Biso donated his goods in Großeneder / Warburg to the ladies' monastery in Heerse . For this donation he received a royal letter of protection . He also made sure that the bones of St. Saturnina , relics of St. Agatha and the martyr Laurentius were given to the women's monastery. He gave the Bishop of Halberstadt , Sigmund (894–923), the Dyonisio-Hadriana , an important canonical collection that is now in the Leipzig University Library . The Translatio Sancti Liborii, from the transfer of the relics of St. Liborius reports from Le Mans to Paderborn is also due to his initiative. The Corvey and Herford Abbeys caused him trouble because they tried to evade his supervision.


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