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Boček III. of Podiebrad (also Boček III of Kunstadt and Podiebrad. , Boczek / Botschek of Podiebrad , sometimes Boček the younger of Podiebrad ; Czech . Boček III Poděbrady , Boček III z Kunštátu a Poděbrad. , Boček mladší z Poděbrad ; † 1429 ) was a Bohemian-Moravian nobleman and follower of the Hussites .


Boček III. came from the noble family Podiebrad . His parents were Boček II of Podebrady and Anna Elisabeth of Leipa ( Anna Eliška z Lipé ), a daughter of Heinrich von Leipa ( Jindřich z Lipé ). In some sources he is also referred to as Boček the Younger , although this addition is used in connection with his father Boček II., Who is occasionally also called Boček the Elder in the sources .

Boček III was first mentioned in a document. 1395 and then several times with his father. After his father's death in 1417, Boček III inherited. and his younger brother Viktorin shared the Moravian possessions. Viktorin also inherited the Bohemian rule Litice and Náchod as well as the rule Hummel , while the youngest brother Hynek received the Podiebrad ancestral seat. Jan, the eldest brother, died between 1407 and 1409, while his father was still alive. Together with his brother Viktorin, Boček III. several legal disputes about her Moravian possessions, among others with her distant relatives Gerald / Heralt Puška von Kunstadt and Smil von Kunstadt auf Bludov . In 1417 Boček III won. the Pyšolec castle , a year later he succeeded in taking control of Vranová Lhota .

After the start of the Hussite Wars , Boček III. participated in the Brno Assembly, at which the Moravian nobles were forced to reject the Four Prague Articles and to obey the Bohemian King Sigismund . A short time later, Boček III confessed. but to the Hussites. In 1422 he took part in the Hussite siege of Kremsier .

Boček III. lived mainly in Moravia and was titled as the lord of Bouzov , or in 1427 as the lord of Třebová . He was not married and left no offspring. The year of his death is uncertain, but it is believed that he outlived his brother Viktorin, who died in 1427, by a year or two, while their brother Hynek died in 1426.


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