Bohuslav Felix von Lobkowitz and Hassenstein

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Bohuslav Felix von Hassenstein and Lobkowitz ( Czech Bohuslav Felix Hasištejnský z Lobkovic ; born January 13, 1517 , † August 27, 1583 in Ličkov ) was a Bohemian class politician. He held several high offices in the Crown of Bohemia . 1556–1570 he was governor of Lower Lusatia .


Bohuslav Felix was the only son of Baron Wenzel ( Václav ) von Lobkowicz and Hassenstein (1500–1520) and Sidonia von Vitzthum (* 1492). He belonged to the direction of Utraquism influenced by the Lutheran Reformation . He was married twice, first (1535) to Magarethe von Plauen (* around 1514 - † 29 October 1555 in Theusing ) from the house of the Burgraves of Meissen, then with Anna von Vitztum and Egersberg (* around 1521 - † 22 March 1587).

In 1554 Bohuslav led the troops of the "unification relatives", all opponents of the margrave, against the army of Albrecht Alcibiades of Brandenburg-Kulmbach in the battle of Schwarzach . Here the margrave suffered a decisive defeat in the so-called Second Margrave War . In 1556 he became bailiff of Lower Lusatia . In this function he issued the first Protestant church order for this country. In 1570 he was appointed chief judge in Bohemia. A year later he bought the Komotau rule from Archduke Ferdinand . In 1576 he rose to Oberstlandkämmerer .

The humanistically educated nobleman wrote a large number of Latin works. His book collection forms the basis of the Lobkowitz Library in Nelahozeves Castle .


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