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Bombarde is a name for powder guns in the late Middle Ages . They replaced the mechanical throwing weapons, such as the Blide , which had been used in sieges until then .


Except that it is a stone rifle (gun for firing projectiles made of stone ), there is no clear technical description. Often short guns with relatively large calibers, i.e. mortars , are written. The mouth is sometimes described as funnel-shaped.

Other sources describe the Bombarde as a gun with a longer barrel, i.e. a cannon , in the form of a chamber gun (i.e. as an early breech loader ). The design is sometimes described as a bar ring gun .

Examples of guns called "Bombarde":

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  • Volker Schmidtchen : Bombards, fortifications, gunsmiths: From the first wall breakers of the late Middle Ages to the siege artillery of the Renaissance . Droste, Düsseldorf 1977, ISBN 3-7700-0471-X .

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