Bonifacio Ondó Edu

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Bonifacio Ondó Edú-Aguong (* 1922 in Evinayong , Spanish Guinea ; † March 5, 1969 in Malabo , Equatorial Guinea ) was a politician and Prime Minister of Spanish Guinea from 1964 to 1968.


Bonifacio Ondó Edu belonged to the Fang ethnic group . He founded the Movimento de Unión Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial (MUNGE) party. He became head of government on December 15, 1963 and remained so when Spain gave its overseas province autonomy in 1964.

In the elections in September 1968, he was beaten by his deputy and rival Francisco Macías Nguema in the second ballot. When the country gained independence on October 12, 1968, the latter became President of Equatorial Guinea. In the parliamentary elections taking place at the same time, the MUNGE won 10 of the 35 seats.

When Macias Nguema expanded his power, Edu went into exile in Gabon and was imprisoned for "political crimes" on his return. According to official information, he committed suicide in prison suicide , however, it was suspected murder. Other politicians in opposition to the new president shared the same fate.

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