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Bosch Engineering GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding 1999
Seat Abstatt , Germany
management Johannes-Jörg Rüger (Chairman), Frank Schmidt, Peter von Wartenberg (Managing Director)
Number of employees over 2,800
sales EUR 430 million
Branch Engineering service provider
Status: 2017

The Bosch Engineering GmbH (BEG) is a 100% subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH offers, developments for vehicle and engine manufacturers and specializes in the customization of Bosch-mass technology. The headquarters of the company with 1,550 employees is in Abstatt , there are further German branches in Holzkirchen near Munich , Ingolstadt and Braunschweig . Abroad, in addition to the related units mentioned below, locations and project offices are also maintained in Saint-Ouen, Nuneaton , Turin, Vienna, Farmington Hills, Sunnyvale, Yokohama , Shanghai and Suzhou. The company employs over 2,800 people worldwide.


The company was founded in 1999 as ASSET Automotive Systems and Engineering Technology GmbH . In 2002 it was acquired by erphi electronic GmbH in Holzkirchen. After integrating the Bosch motorsport activities in 2003, it was renamed Bosch Engineering GmbH . In 2004 it moved to the Robert Bosch Development Center in Abstatt, where it moved into a second development building in 2010.


The company offers system adaptations in the following areas:

  • Development of systems, functions, software and applications for the drive train , safety and comfort (driving dynamics, driver assistance, occupant protection, steering) and electrical / electronic integration
  • Development support through test services and advice, project and quality management
  • Complete systems for motorsport

In addition to applications for the automotive industry, customer-specific system adaptations are developed in related areas such as commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery, powersports, motor sports, shipbuilding, industrial applications, railways, combined heat and power plants and aviation.

Related units

In 2002 erphi electronic GmbH ( Holzkirchen (Oberbayern) ) was bought by Robert Bosch GmbH and placed under the industrial management of Bosch Engineering, since January 2012 the name of erphi electronics GmbH was changed to Bosch Systems Engineering GmbH. In 2013, the business operations of Bosch Engineering GmbH were spun off into Bosch Systems Engineering GmbH. The remaining part of Bosch Engineering GmbH was renamed Bosch Engineering Holding GmbH. At the same time, Bosch Systems Engineering GmbH was renamed Bosch Engineering GmbH and its headquarters were relocated from Holzkirchen to Abstatt.

In addition, the following units are assigned to Bosch Engineering GmbH:

Bosch Engineering KK ( Yokohama , founded 2006), Bosch Engineering North America ( Farmington Hills , 2007), Bosch Engineering France (St. Ouen, 2007), Bosch General Aviation Technology GmbH ( Vienna , founded 2008), Bosch Engineering Austria (Vienna, 2009), Bosch Engineering China (Shanghai, 2010) and Bosch Engineering UK (Nuneaton, 2012) and Bosch Engineering Branch Italy (Milan, 2015).

In autumn 2016 it became known that ITK Engineering AG would be taken over by Bosch and that it would be a 100% subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH in the future. Legally, ITK Engineering remains an independent unit with its own brand and separate development areas. Organizationally, it was assigned to Bosch Engineering GmbH.

The Bosch premises in Abstatt, panoramic view, the two BEG buildings in the foreground

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