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Bryn Mawr Classical Review (BMCR) is a review body that discusses new publications in the field of classical studies and has appeared exclusively on the Internet since 1999 . It is named after Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania , where it has been published since 1990. After Postmodern Culture (PMC), the BMCR is the second oldest humanities journal on the Internet. It was started as a hybrid publication; the print edition was discontinued at the end of 1998.

The homepage of the BMCR that now one of the most important international review bodies of archeology matters is in English held. The contributions are also mainly published in English, but German, Italian, French and Spanish are also accepted. The reviews are on the website as RSS - web feed, and via mailing list available. All articles published since 1990 are archived on the homepage and can be viewed by the public without prior notice ( Open Access ). Responses to the reviews are expressly desired by the BMCR editorial team and can be published on the BMCR blog .

Senior Editors Richard Hamilton , James J. O'Donnell , Camilla McKay and Rolando Ferri are the editors . They are supported by several Associate Editors , including Heinz-Günther Nesselrath for Greek Studies , Stephen J. Harrison for Latin Studies , Robert D. Lamberton for Reception , Catherine Conybeare for Christianity and Luigi Battezzato for Greek History. Past editors include Ellen Bauerle , Joseph Farrell , Sander Goldberg , Brad Inwood , Jeffrey Rusten , David Sansone , David Sider , William J. Slater , Theodor Heinze, and John Yardley .

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